Someone Like You

Why did I read this book?

It’s a run-of-the mill love story belonging to Indian Young Adult romance genre – basically, the likes of which flourished after Chetan Bhagat. The only reason I picked it up is to kill time on a 40 minute train ride.

The Plot Summary

The plot is set around four people and their life at four years of engineering – nerd, batch hottie, side-kick and bad cop.

Will logic and rationality prevail or will the story get lost in the web of improbable events?

What are my views on the book?

After reading multiple books, under this genre, I have given up trying to ascertain that they follow a logical sequence of events or even follow a storyline with a rational chance of occurring. The book, akin to Salman Khan movies, can be enjoyed only for the momentary humour or realism.

It started out decently well with a real life portrayal of how incoming freshman students cope with expectations of engineering life. There is social pressure and internal moral guidance about controversial like alcohol and dating. It’s a touching story to see how the quiet boy hailing from a remote village is able to make it into the cool basket ball team, but watches loses out to the posh “English speaking” guy for asking out his sweetheart. It’s also a lesson of lack of self-confidence, english as a social class, flaws of Indian education system and the pseudo-charm of a bad boy.

But don’t fool yourself, the story is drab and replete with bad examples. (Protagonist was dating the local goon, going on dates in an Audi and she had no idea what his profession was)

Bottomline: Perhaps, it is best if left unread.


Name: Someone like you

Author: Durjoy Datta (Published in 2010)

Genre: Contemporary Romance, India Adult Fiction

What are some of the best lines of the book?


Nothing extra-ordinary. Just the same old lines.


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